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Is conversating a word

Black ppl, others make fun of you for using it. Just because many ppl use it doesn't mean it's ok to speak like an idiot. All this debating over something not so important sounds like snobbery. My mother is 83 years old and has always used the word conversate. The realization of this movie is just around the corner.

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Is conversating a word

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  1. The term is a back formation from conversation, created by dropping the suffix -ion, and adding -e, to produce a verb form. Since it has essentially the same meaning as the more common and frequently used verb converse, the term conversate has been condemned in some circles as an unnecessary nonword.

  2. A word you use when trying to say you were talking to someone so as to come Pompous Ass: " we just sat there conversating for a while and it turns out that.

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